Goalie Vision

VR lacrosse goalie training built in unity with custom vision processing!

This is a project I've been working on with my friend Jackson Bauer since high school! The goal has been to create a system where you can practice lacrosse in VR. This would allow for targeted and customized practice. The main difficulty is that we want to use a real lacrosse stick, since training with other controllers is not nearly realistic enough. Thus, we have written our own vision tracking system which runs on a Raspberry Pi, and sends data to Unity in real time over bluetooth! I've had a ton of fun working on this project over the years, since I keep learning new techniques in school that I can put to use. One of the biggest improvements to parallelize the bluetooth and vision processing, which I simply wouldn't have known how to do 3 years ago! Additionally, I added a Kalman filter which greatly smoothed out our measurements. I hope that next I can use my knowledge of deep learning to take this system a step further! Sorry I don't have any good pictures yet, I'll be sure to add them once I do!